Photo by Dimas Wisnuwardono

About me

I grew up listening to a lot of music, from The Beatles to Metallica, and from Walt Disney’s classical scoring to Indonesian traditional folklore. Music has always been my passion, and being born into a family that dedicates their life to music is something that I consider a privilege. In 1998, I started to experiment with guitar effects and found out more of one can do with sounds. Thus, it was the first time I was exposed to sound design, and since then I never look back. I consider my work as “Sonic collage” because some people say it is deep, complex and full of layers, resulting in an emotional journey that lives beyond your artistic mediums.

I have been involved in various projects ranging from music production, guitar player and synthesizer in my band. I also do sound design for theaters, film scoring, commercials, exhibitions, and  live multimedia projects for big corporations. My works have been exhibited in Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, San Francisco, Japan and Berlin.

Experimenting with sounds, discovering new sonic territories, collaborating with other musicians and artists from the different field of expertise and using other mediums are my greatest passion. That is what keeps me going to this day, and it is such an honor to share this passion with others.

“Beauty begins when science and art collaborate” – Edgard Varèse, 1936.

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